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Family Community Network

making it perfect together

We, the Burger Disco Club staff, are passionate about creating a safe space where the authentic clubbing experience is lived at its best.


With the heavenly gift of music comes the opportunity to reimagine the world through costumes, performances, theme events, and a whole lot more.


The moments within the club are the result of the city hedonism aroused by a community of participants who trust in togetherness to create art and be art.

If that sounds like you, then you may join us.

A strong belief in the power of diversity to unite and an unwavering commitment to radical self-expression are essential for this vision to come to fruition.

WIth a "one brings one" policy in place, all club events are reserved for members only.


It's happening NOW.

Burger Disco will offer only a certain number of membership slots, each of which comes with its own set of additional benefits like access to private events, accredited privacy, and more club exclusives.


There is a limited time offer for a free trial membership for those who are successful in joining. 


If this sounds like a call to you, you can now apply to join the club.

Thoughts to share?

Contact us using the information found below.  

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